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With Love to You

I felt Your song of love for me on a dazzling winter’s night,

And as Your breath swept through me, my heart impassioned took to flight.

I could sense that Life was moving as it had in days of old,

As though in me You were sharing Your creation’s tale extolled.

The great mystery of our origin all at once You did reveal,

And while overcome with rapture, still the peace I had was real.

As the dawn arose on Christmas Eve, so too did Your gentle hands

To bid flower petals bloom as a sign of Your great plans.

The vibrancy of crimson set against the crystal snow

Even now runs through my mind—the greatest beauty I shall know.

The sweet joy so young, so fleeting, stayed still hidden from my eyes,

Oh, had I but known surrender, I might not have let it die.

But, lo, just as in the Garden, in my world there was a foe

Waiting patiently to steal the breath that upon me You’d bestowed.

And it bid me take the poison that would part me thence from Thee

Causing my blood to run cold as though taken from the tree

That had stolen from so many the Life coursing from the Vine.

My small branch was thus torn from it and I knew the fault was mine.

Then in anguish I lay bleeding from the place where Life had come.

“Has there ever been such cruelty?” I cried as I came undone.

And yet even in my death, Your quiet answer came to me,

As You made me to remember the sorrow of Your majesty.

In my palm, You placed the bread and You gave to me the wine

That would be my true salvation and restore my life to Thine.

“Child, this is My blood and body. You must eat and drink it now,

And please know this above all: I’ve promised never to allow

The darkness to ever withhold from Me that which I have long possessed.

I am yours and you are Mine. So now let your heart be at rest.

I knew everything about you before I formed you in the womb.

Did you truly think that, for this, I would not have granted room?

Even now, My song of Love is being written for your ears,

May it care for you and comfort you, washing o’er your darkest fears.

For the Life you thought you’d lost is at this moment in My arms.

She is dancing, she is laughing—among the Rainbow and the Star.”

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