Thank you so much for visiting, and please find below the summary of my illustrated children’s book, Once Upon a Time. If interested in purchasing a copy, please also take a few moments to complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page. I was inspired to write it as an allegory of God’s love for us and hope to use it in support other ministries inspired by that love. That’s why, when you purchase a copy of this book, fifty percent of the proceeds will be used to support the congregation, ministry, or charitable organization of your choice.

He loves you so much, and I pray you’ll find His comfort in my words.

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We remember the fairytales of our childhood—fraught with enchantment, peril, and true love. But have we ever paused to consider the truth behind their symbols? As children, could we have ever imagined a story like that? A real-life fairytale, written just for us?

Once upon a time, a wonderful being created someone to love. He made her from the stars so she would sparkle with light—and look just like him. Happily, they lived in a beautiful place, until the darkness tricked her. After giving up her light and life, her creator intervened—proving, once and for all, the depth of his unending love. This is, indeed, a story of love—of where it came from and to whom it belongs.