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Christ Jesus, Keeper of Love

Christ Jesus, Keeper of Love—exchange our hearts for Yours. You’ve asked us to love You, and this alone reveals the tragedy of our condition. What should, of every order given in all the annals of time, have been least burdensome to follow—has utterly confounded us.

You’ve asked us to treat all others as we would have them treat us—seemingly simple enough, since we share the plight of all humanity. Yet, still we strive to sustain ourselves—no matter the cost to our neighbors.

You’ve asked us to love each other in the same way You have loved us—Dear God, show us how! Teach us how such a thing can ever be possible.

We need You. Please, come to us—and in this very moment, conform us to Your image. Irrevocably consume and let us die to ourselves—that we might know Life for the very first time.

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